Sunday, 21 June 2015

Review - Return to Bluebell Hill by Rebecca Pugh

Return to Bluebell Hill was one of those books that, as soon as I found out about it, I could not wait to be released. Therefore, it was no surprise that the very first thing I did when I woke up on the day of its release was reach over, pick up my kindle and download it. Return to Bluebell Hill is a debut novel that was written by Rebecca Pugh who some of you may know as Becca’s books - a fellow book blogger who is both hugely successful and popular and whose posts I always find are such a pleasure to read. 

In Return to Bluebell Hill we are introduced to Jessica McAdams as she returns to the village of Bluebell Hill following the death of her parents who, if truth be told, she didn’t have the best of relationships with. Upon returning to Bluebell Hill Jessica is reunited with Esme, a now elderly lady who used to be Jessica’s nanny as she was growing up and one who Jessica has a great deal of time, love and admiration for. During one of many heart to hearts with Esme, Jessica reveals her intention to return to the family home - Bluebell House - and clear it of its contents before, finally, selling it. However, how easy is this going to be for Jessica to do, particularly when both a huge family secret is revealed that completely changes the way she views everything about her life, and the gorgeous Rueben who becomes much more than a friend makes an appearance? 

This was an absolutely stunning novel and one that I know will be the perfect addition to any chick-lit lovers eReader this summer. I honestly could not have loved Return to Bluebell Hill any more than I did and certainly did not want to put my eReader down which I admit became an issue as I ended up having to recharge it about halfway through. 

What I loved most about this particular novel was the way the author had managed to create a character in Jessica who was very down to earth and likeable. I also really loved the way that the presence of Rueben, who was the only male character in the book, never felt awkward. Having previously known Esme, he slotted so seamlessly into the storyline and became incredibly supportive of Jessica and all that she wanted to do. 

Rebecca’s writing never faltered once as it drew the reader in from the start and described everything in plenty of detail, so much so that I often found myself with very vivid images in my head, picturing what I was reading. I find it takes a very good author to have me doing this which just goes to prove even further how wonderful Rebecca’s writing is.

Return to Bluebell Hill is a book that fully deserves all of the praise and five star reviews that it is currently receiving and I hope it goes on to be even more successful than it already has been so far over the coming weeks and months. Whatever Rebecca chooses to write next, I for one will certainly be reading it. This really is an author that has such a bright future ahead of her.