Sunday, 15 November 2015

Review - Dream a Little Christmas Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

I have read every single book that Giovanna Fletcher has written and having just this evening finished her latest release, Dream a Little Christmas Dream, can safely say that she can do no wrong - everything that Giovanna writes is consistently perfect, beautifully written and utterly heartwarming. Earlier this year I read Dream a Little Dream, completely fell in love with it and so eagerly anticipated the release of Dream a Little Christmas Dream. 

Dream a Little Christmas Dream, a short story, really carries on from where Dream a Little Dream left off with the reader being reunited with Sarah, her best friends and boyfriend, Brett Last, again. It’s nearly Christmas and whilst the vast majority of Sarah’s friends are growing up and settling down - starting a family, moving in together -Sarah is starting to feel fearful about her future. More specifically she’s starting to feel uncertain about her future with Brett who is starting to act very strange and is certainly not giving anything away about the direction he wants their relationship to go. If one things for certain, however, it’s that Sarah is determined to find out and she certainly does…

Quite honestly I absolutely loved everything about this gorgeous story. Dream a Little Dream was by far my favourite novel written by Giovanna Fletcher mainly because I loved each and every one of the characters so much and really connected with Sarah. I was therefore so happy to be reunited with them at what is, personally, my favourite time of the year. Despite the very short length of the story, each character was incorporated into the story perfectly with each having a part to play and nobody ever feeling surplus to requirements. 

As you will know from reading my review of reading Dream a Little Dream, I really loved the dream sequences that appeared throughout it and was so glad that they made a reappearance in Dream a Little Christmas Dream. I thought they were fantastically constructed and thought through and once again really took on the appearance of dreams in terms of often being completely surreal and unrealistic. Once again, as with in Dream a Little Dream, they never felt out of place and always led perfectly into Sarah’s waking moments. 

For such a short story this book was absolutely incredible and was certainly not lacking in any respect - there was much humour, Christmas cheer and many aww-inducing moments. It was a real little sparkling treasure and one which brightened up a dull Sunday afternoon and left me feeling nothing except very happy. I cannot wait to read whatever Giovanna Fletcher writes next and really hope that we will one day be reunited again with the fantastic cast of characters that we first met in Dream a Little Dream and were lucky enough to meet again in Dream a Little Christmas Dream. 

In short, Dream a Little Christmas Dream was absolutely superb and I do not hesitate to recommend it!