Sunday, 13 March 2016

Review - Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

I’m ashamed to say that Sleepless in Manhattan is the first book of Sarah Morgan’s that I’ve ever read and she’s written a lot! Going into this book I had no idea what to expect but I completely adored everything about this gorgeous novel. Recently I’ve not been able to get enough of psychological thrillers so this book was a real breath of fresh air, full of romance and fun, that was an absolute pleasure and privilege to read and has left me wanting much more written by Sarah. 

In this book, which as the title suggests is set in Manhattan, we are introduced to Paige who along with her two best friends, Frankie and Eva, have all been made redundant from Star Events. As a hard-working individual who wants nothing more than to be successful, Paige is left devastated and uncertain about her future. However, she’s soon filled with optimism and hope when her brother’s best friend, Jake, encourages Paige to set up her own events company with Frankie and Eva which is exactly what she does, falling more and more in love with Jake along the way which she knows she really shouldn't. 

First of all I loved the fact that this book was set in New York, a place I’ve never been to before but have always wanted to - even more so after reading this book! However, despite having never been there before I was able to picture the surroundings perfectly, from the streets with the looming skyscrapers where businesses thrive to the brownstone in which Paige lives with her brother, Matt, and her friends, Eva and Frankie. This is clearly due to the wonderful writing style of Sarah Morgan who included just the right amount of beautiful and intricate description. 

The characters in this book were also superbly crafted and I loved the friendship that existed between them all, how they all supported and stood by eachother and gave eachother confidence in their own abilities. That to me is what true friendship that will stand the test of time is all about. I think my favourite of these characters has got to be Paige, who has had a lot to deal with in her life but never wants to dwell on it and is instead admirably strong and determined to be successful. 

Now what I love is a book that has some sort of moral to it or conveys a message of some description and Sleepless in Manhattan did just that. As someone who spends a lot of time worrying about what may or may not be, what I took away from this book is something that I think will stay with me for a very long time and is something that fills me with great hope. What it conveyed to me was that although things may not be perfect now they do change and that it’s so important to stay true to yourself and what you believe in, never giving up on your hopes and dreams. 

In case you haven’t already guessed I absolutely loved this book and honestly cannot fault it - it deserves every success. Upon finishing Sleepless in Manhattan, I was so happy to learn that this is the first book in a trilogy and that I will soon be reunited again with the wonderful characters that I have grown to love throughout this first installment and of course Sarah Morgan’s fabulous writing!