Monday, 28 March 2016

Review - These Days of Ours by Juliet Ashton

Written by Juliet Ashton, everything about These Days of Ours is absolutely beautiful from the stunning cover to the gorgeous story told within its pages. It was a real pleasure to read this novel and I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have received a stunning proof copy of this book that was also signed. So, before I get too stuck into this review, many thanks to the publishers for the truly special gift! I loved These Days of Ours so very much and just know that it will be a book that I will cherish and keep on my bookshelf for years to come. 

Ever since Kate’s fifth birthday party when Charlie declared his love for her and Kate repaid the compliment by pushing his face into the iced cake on the dining room table, the pair have been inseperable. They believe that their future together is written in the stars, that they will never be apart and always together. Growing older and supporting eachother through some pretty major life events, it seems like a firm friendship is as far as the relationship between the pair is going. However, can you ever ignore and walk away from your first true love? What happens when, despite everything, that true love never dies? 

Each chapter is dedicated to one of those all important, major life events - big birthdays, marriages, christenings and funerals to name just a few. It’s these occasions, where we see Kate and Charlie being pulled together before being dragged apart once more to live their separate lives, which in reality are nothing like they dreamed and hoped they would be as children. I particularly liked the fact that the novel was based around specific life events as it gave a real structure to the novel. Furthermore, as each chapter began with a dated invitation to the specific life event that the chapter was about, it allowed me to place the characters in time and see how far they had come together on their journey. It helped me to feel connected to them and as if I was part of their story.

Love is not the only element that shines through in These Days of Ours as we also see the importance of family coming together and supporting eachother through the good, the bad and the ugly. In particular we see the bond that is shared between Kate and Becca who are not just cousins but best friends too. It was clear for anyone to see that Becca only wanted the very best for Kate and was there for her through all those major life events but there were a few times when I found myself questioning the advice she happily offered her cousin. Also worth a mention is the very special relationship that Kate has with her father, it was inspirational and at times left me in pieces but added a whole new dimension to the book. 

These Days of Ours was everything I hoped it would be and more, it was simply stunning. It sent me on a complete emotional rollercoaster where I laughed, cried, felt happy and sad but I wouldn’t change a thing about this delightful and perfect novel. It’s crystal clear that Juliet has an incredible talent for writing a tale that is packed full of heart and soul. Her writing throughout never faltered, it was consistently superb and has left me looking forward to reading much more written by her. If I ever need something to pick me up and leave me feeling hopeful about the world it’s to this book, which I awarded five glittering stars, that I shall return.