Saturday, 13 August 2016

Review - Down on Daffodil Lane by Rebecca Pugh

Well what can I say, except for the fact that the wonderful Rebecca Pugh has done it again and created another outstanding novel in Down on Daffodil Lane. Having loved her first two novels - Return to Bluebell Hill and A Home in Sunset Bay - I was so eager to get started with Down on Daffodil Lane that I dropped everything else I was reading the moment it finally landed on my kindle. This book more than lived up to my expectations, being everything I thought it would be and so much more. I really can’t recommend it highly enough. 

In Down on Daffodil Lane we meet Maria Charm who after a particularly tricky and messy divorce has taken herself away to a cottage on Daffodil Lane. Whilst staying at the cottage, which is owned by her mother’s best friend, Maria not only intends to help decorate the place but also take some time out, relax and get herself back on her feet after a difficult time. However, not long after her arrival on Daffodil Lane, having taken a chance and got a part-time job in the local cafe, her attention is drawn to the attractive Brad. The question is, after everything she’s been through, can she ever bring herself to trust this man? 

One thing I love about Rebecca’s books is the way she creates some absolutely incredible characters and Maria Charm is no exception. Having clearly been through a terrible ordeal, you might expect to see a character who is a bit down and feeling sorry for herself but that is not the case at all with Maria who is so strong and who you know from the start deserves a happily ever after. But it’s not just Maria whose character struck me, but Harriet and Mille, who have both been through a lot themselves but who welcome Maria with open arms and give Maria the vital support and friendship she needs from the start to rebuild her life. 

It was such a pleasure to be reunited with Rebecca’s gorgeous and delightful writing style again, that was so descriptive and engaging from the very first page. Whilst reading Rebecca’s books I always find that it is so easy to forget reality and become completely immersed in the story that is taking place before me, being able to visualise everything that is taking place. What I also love about Rebecca’s books is the way that they always convey a message that is guaranteed to leave me feeling brighter and with a smile on my face. Down on Daffodil Lane certainly does this and really demonstrates how it is possible to get through anything life throws you, particularly with a positive attitude. 

Rebecca is an author who is clearly going from strength to strength, who has an incredible amount of talent and who I really hope will be writing for years to come. Despite it’s relatively short length Down on Daffodil Lane is by far the best of Rebecca’s books to date that I never wanted to end but read in just two sittings. It’s getting five glowing stars from me and I really can’t wait to read Rebecca’s next book! If you’re only going to read one book this year and you’re a fan of chick lit, make it this one!