Sunday, 27 November 2016

Review - Single by Christmas by Rosa Temple

Single by Christmas was a book that proved to be an absolutely fabulous introduction to Rosa Temple’s writing. It really was a book that was everything it said on the cover and so much more - a funny, heartwarming, feel good Christmas romance - that certainly kept me entertained for hours.

Single by Christmas is told entirely from the perspective of Alex, a young lady who we first meet on Christmas Eve as she sits in the graveyard wondering whether her boyfriend Charlie will turn up to share Midnight Mass with her and her family. Left questioning why Alex is sat alone and why she is so uncertain about whether or not Charlie will arrive, we read about the past month of Alex’s life and her relationship with Charlie and soon discover what has led her to be in the position she now is. Has she managed to destroy her relationship beyond all repair in the space of a month? 

Although I enjoyed the book, I have to say that Alex was a character who really did infuriate me and I have to say that I did not understand her in the slightest. Whilst it’s clear from the way in which she was fiercely protective of her friends that she was a very caring person, it seemed to me that Alex spent a lot of her time in a daydream. She didn’t really pay a lot of attention to what was going on around her, hardly listened to anything that Charlie was saying and often had to cancel dates with Charlie because she had managed to double book herself. For his patience and understanding I think that Charlie deserves a medal, but despite Alex’s ways I could tell both how much Charlie meant to Alex and vice versa so desperately hoped that things would work out between the pair. 

I found Rosa’s writing to be a real treat from beginning to end as it was just so easy to become wrapped up in. Told in a chronological style that made it so very easy to follow, there were lots of hilarious moments throughout that I just had to laugh at. Rosa’s writing was infectious and addictive, something unforgettable that I couldn’t get enough of. 

Despite having Christmas in the title I wouldn’t say that it is the most festive book I’ve read so far this year as instead it tended to focus much more on relationships and the art of appreciating what you have in life. However I can safely say that this book is absolutely perfect for this time of year, a little gem to snuggle up with on the sofa that will definitely keep your spirits raised. Rosa’s certainly an author whose future books I’ll be looking out for.