Saturday, 10 December 2016

Review - Be My Baby by A. L. Michael

Be My Baby by A. L. Michael is the third and final instalment in The House on Camden Square series of books. As this is the first book by the author that I’ve ever read before, I’m ashamed to say that I missed out on the other books in this series. However, this did not stop me from enjoying By My Baby which turned out to be a wonderful read. 

In Be My Baby we meet Mollie who is a single mum to young Esme. Being passionate about healthy eating, Mollie is also the face behind Mollie Makes…and is surrounded by wonderfully supportive friends who are all keen to see her succeed. Although Mollie seems to have a lot going for her, she can’t help but reflect on her past life and wonder how different things would be if she had made different decisions. She doesn’t have to wonder for long when a familiar face from her past unexpectedly turns up on her front doorstep. 

Each and every single character that we met during Be My Baby were perfectly crafted and seemed incredibly real. What really stuck out for me and what was particularly lovely to read about was the mother and daughter relationship that existed betwen both Esme and Mollie. Whatever happened, you knew that they would always be there for and were extremely protective of each other. For an eleven-year-old girl I found Esme to be an incredibly intelligent character and one who I adored. She knew she didn’t fit in at school and recognised that what made her stand out from her peers was the lack of a father figure in her life. As I read of the powerful emotions she felt, my heart broke for her and I’m sure that there are many people who will be able to relate to Esme’s story. 

What I loved about the way in which this book was written is how it painted the bigger picture, in that not only did it tell the present day story but also gave us an insight into Mollie’s past with flashbacks appearing regularly and at just the right time without interrupting the overall flow of the novel. This is a book that I found so easy to love and although there were a few sad moments there were also many humerous moments which helped to make it a super entertaining and light-hearted read. A. L. Michael has successfully weaved several important topics into this book, dealing with them in a sensitive manner and has created a story which to me really highlights how important it is for a person’s wellbeing and happiness to let go of the past and live in the moment. 

Having enjoyed this book so much, one thing I really regret is not having discovered this series sooner than I did. Whilst I feel that the book undoubtedly works very well as a standalone novel I feel certain that I’ve missed out on what I’m sure were two brilliant stories. I’ll definitely be back to read more by A. L. Michael in the future.