Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Review - Chasing Shadows by T A Williams

Chasing Shadows by T. A. Williams is what you would describe as being a time-slip romance throughout which the author’s passion for history shines through. I’ve never read anything by T. A. Williams before so had no idea what to expect of his writing, however I was very pleasantly surprised by Chasing Shadows. It was a book that I would most certainly recommend! 

The story dramatically opens in the Pyrenees in 1314 after a terrible crime has been committed when we are then taken to 2016 where we meet Amy. After being involved in a horrific accident five years ago which left her blind, she has decided to go on a journey which many pilgrims would have completed in medieval times. With her destination being Santiago de Compostela, due to her blindness she is unable to complete the trip alone so is accompanied by a guide named Luke who also happens to be a Medieval History graduate. As they journey together and share many unforgettable experiences the question is whether they will become more than just friends?

During their trip, both Amy and Luke decided to create a story about a man and a woman who completed the same journey some 700 years earlier, which is where what we are introduced to at the start of the novel in 1314 becomes key. The way in which T. A. Williams linked both the story that took place in 2016 and that which took place in 1314 together was faultless, they blended together so effortlessly. Luke and Amy were superb characters and I have to say that I felt very connected to and hugely admired them both - they had both experienced something traumatic in their lives and as the novel progressed both confronted their demons. 

One thing that became very clear to see from reading this novel is how much thorough research T. A. Williams has put into it. I found it truly fascinating to delve into a period of history that I don’t know very much about and see another side to Spain and it was also thoroughly interesting to compare and contrast the story of 2016 and that of 1314. Thanks to the author’s marvellous talent for telling a vivid story with wonderful description, both periods of time were really brought to life and I often felt like I was on a journey with the characters, experiencing all that they were. 

When I first started the book I wasn’t sure if it would be the book for me, but by the fifth chapter I was well and truly hooked so I’m extremely glad I stuck with it! I can honestly say that it was an incredible reading experience, which taught me so much, stood out from the crowd and was most certainly a powerful, captivating and entertaining read. I’d encourage anyone to give this book a chance and know that I will most certainly be back to read more by T. A. Williams in the future.