Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Extract - The Promise by Casey Kelleher

Today I have an exclusive extract from The Promise, the latest book written by Casey Kelleher. It's a book that has received a great deal of praise, one that would be perfect for fans of Martina Cole's writing. Without further ado, what follows next is the prologue to this chilling book, set in a world that is quite unlike anything you could ever imagine:

Standing in the middle of the room, she began to sway.
Her legs suddenly weakened as the room began to spin violently, twisting her around and around until she felt as if she could barely stand.
She felt dizzy. Sick.
How had this happened?
How had she let this happen?
Her body started to tremble as it threatened to give way and collapse on the bedroom floor.
She was determined to stay upright, to stay focused.
She had to, even though her heart was pounding wildly. It echoed inside her head. Whooshing. The noise deafening.
The shouting stopped.
Now, a blood-curdling, terrifying screech.
Suddenly, she realised…
It was her!
She was screaming.
Pouring out of her uncontrollably.
It was as if she was outside her own body. Floating in mid-air.
She could see the looks of shock and horror on their faces. The tears in their eyes.
She looked down – saw what they could see…
A jagged spray of deep red splattered across the front of her clothes.
A flash of silver held in her hand, knuckles white, fingers still gripping the weapon’s handle…
A pool of dark liquid around her feet.
So much blood.