Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Review - Last Witness by Carys Jones

Despite not having read Wrong Number, the first book in the series, when I got an email about Last 
Witness by Carys Jones I really couldn’t say no. As a fast-paced, action-packed book from beginning to end that fits so much into a relatively short number of pages, this was a book that held my attention from the very first page. My only wish is that I’d had the opportunity to read Wrong Number before!

Amanda’s husband, whose real name she never knew, has died but there’s no time for her to mourn his death and get her head around what’s happened. The person responsible for his death is still very much a free man, walking around without a care in the world and Amanda’s terrified that he’ll return for her husband’s son. Despite not having known the little boy for very long, she’s now all he has left and she’s determined to do whatever it takes to protect him even if that involves putting herself in danger…

The book was full of some incredibly strong and powerful characters, some of whom I loved and some of whom I hated. Despite making some questionable decisions that I did not agree with, I have to say that I did find myself warming to Amanda for the way she stepped up and was so willing to look after the little boy that found himself left without a father. As she went through all that she did I was glad that she had someone like Shane by her side, who was loyal, supportive and in short exactly the sort of person Amanda needed in her life. I loved seeing the way their characters developed and grew as the story progressed. 

Last Witness was a well written book in terms of the fact that there was plenty going on to hold the attention of readers throughout the duration of it although I have to say that I’d highly recommend reading the first book in the series. I didn’t do this and have to say that I spent a lot of my time feeling like I’d missed out on a whole heap of information about the characters and their past relationships that I’m sure would have been revealed in the first book and would have helped me to understand and appreciate what was going on a lot more. Although this is certainly a dark and gritty story, something that potential readers should prepare themselves for, I really appreciated the inclusion of a few lighter moments throughout this particular book, especially the blossoming relationship that we witnessed between two central characters. 

Being the first book of Carys’ that I’ve ever read before I have to say that I was left feeling very glad to have had the opportunity to discover her writing having heard so much about it previously. Who knows whether there’ll be another book in this series but if there is I’d definitely read it as I’d like to see where life takes the characters to next. If you’re tempted to read Last Witness then I say go for it but make sure you’ve read Wrong Number first.