Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Review - Cocktails and Dreams by A. L. Michael

Having loved Be My Baby, which was the third and final book in The House on Camden Square series, I couldn’t wait to start reading A. L. Michael’s latest release called Cocktails and Dreams. One thing I can definitely say from the start of this review is that this book was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. It more than lived up to my expectations and is my favourite book of the author’s so far to date. 

Savvy is the daughter of a rockstar who spent the first seven years of her life on the road with her mother, Persephone, before she was abandoned and sent to live with her aunt. Ever since then Savvy has craved a normal life but fast forward several years and life still isn’t exactly going to plan  as her longterm boyfriend sadly dumps her. Slowly but surely, with the encouragement of some very supportive friends we see Savvy start to make some much needed changes in her life, catching the eye of Milo the bartender in the process. Will this be a fresh start for Savvy and will things finally start to go right for her? 

From the very start of the book, Savvy seemed like an incredibly down to earth character and one who I really did find myself rooting for. With Savvy being such a likeable character who it was so easy to relate to, it was an absolute pleasure to be with her as she went on her journey of self discovery and learned to believe more in both herself and her dreams. In addition to creating a wonderful lead character in Savvy, A. L. Michael has managed to surround her with a whole cast of other fabulous characters and I loved reading about the individual relationships that Savvy had with each and every one of them. 

Just as I thought and hoped it would be, A. L. Michael’s fabulous writing style that I adored during Be My Baby was present throughout the entirety of Cocktails and Dreams. As a book that contained many hilarious and heartwarming moments, there was very little not to like about it, and I loved the perfect level of detail and description that had gone into making this book as wonderful as it was.

Cocktails and Dreams is the first book in a new series and all I can say is that I’m so glad that I discovered it when I did. Although the next books in the series won’t be with us until next year, I’m already really looking forward to them and being reunited with A. L. Michael’s beautiful writing once again. If you haven’t yet read anything by A. L. Michael why not make Cocktails and Dreams the book you start with? You certainly won’t regret it!