Saturday, 7 April 2018

Review - Six Little Secrets by Katlyn Duncan

Six Little Secrets is a YA novella written by Katlyn Duncan and one which most certainly reminded me of the John Hughes film, The Breakfast Club. From the moment I first heard about this book I was instantly intrigued and knew it would be one I had to read. With twist after twist and shock after shock, Six Little Secrets was a book that definitely kept me on my toes and was one that I did quite enjoy reading. 

Within this book we meet six students - Zoe, Cece, Quentin, Jackie, Teddy and Holly - who all gather together one Saturday morning for a detention. All from different cliques, these are six students who would not normally socialise or talk to eachother. However, soon after their detention begins, something dark happens and it becomes apparent that each of them is holding a very dark secret and that nobody is there by accident. As each of them in turn receives instructions that they must follow or face the consequences for not doing so the question on everyone’s mind is who is doing this to them and why? 

Throughout the duration of the book we get to hear from each of the six characters who are gathered for their Saturday morning detention, but possibly due to the short length of the book I never really felt like I got to know them. I felt that this was quite a shame as I feel certain that there was more to each of the characters than their secret. At the start of the book each of the characters seemed so very different from eachother that it was impossible to imagine how their lives could ever be connected. Therefore it really was quite incredible and fascinating to find out exactly how they all join up and link together. 

One thing that I didn’t realise prior to picking up Six Little Secrets was that it was actually a novella. Given its short length, I read the book an incredibly short of space of time but couldn’t help feeling that the entire book seemed far too short and lacked any real depth or description to it. Despite this I really did enjoy the premise of the book and thoroughly appreciated Katlyn’s writing style and thought it was perfect for the genre of the book - gripping, fast-paced and quite unpredictable. 

Six Little Secrets was an enjoyable book but was one that would most certainly have worked better as a longer read, which would have allowed Katlyn more time to go into more detail and develop on both the themes and characters that she presented to us throughout the book. That said I feel it would be a perfect read for those who enjoyed watching The Breakfast Club and I would definitely be interested in reading more of what Katlyn writes in the future.